If my time in advertising has taught me anything it is this:

I suck at writing bios.

It all seems a little bit too much like trumpet blowing, and I was never any good on wind instruments (but that’s another story).

So for the curiously minded here are the essential stats. 

I started my life in advertising in 1997 on the Account Service side of things with a boutique creative agency called VCD (later known as Kindred). The whole suit and tie thing didn’t really take and I followed my passion into the creative department where I spent 10 years working on a variety of clients like NW Magazine, the NRL (National Rugby League), diet Coke, Cosmopolitan, Sunbeam, Pump, and Impulse, as well as part of the lead creative team for the launch campaign of Coca-Cola Zero. 

After 10 years with VCD/Kindred I joined The Foundry as Associate Creative Director of their Sydney office. There I helped champion a great brand transformation for Dick Smith Electronics whilst establishing strong creative directions for Charles Parsons, Barbeques Galore and Freedom Furniture.

Towards the end of 2008 I moved to human where I spent 3 enjoyable years working as lead writer on NRMA Insurance, and as Creative Group Head on BT Super for Life, Meat & Livestock Australia, Westpac Bank and Southern Phone. 

In 2011 I teamed up with old friend and art director Mike Lind at Innocean Australia where we created award winning work for Hyundai and helped evolve the Kia brand.

In late 2012 I moved to Los Angeles, USA and began a new chapter in life exploring additional creative endeavours such as songwriting, producing a series of music related books and writing my first feature script - all whilst still following my passion to create impactful branding work for clients and agencies both in the US and Australia via freelance work for Western Sydney University, Campos Coffee and Jack Daniels.

So there you have it. 

Other things you may care to know; I am a pop culture junkie with a insatiable passion for music and movies, am on a global hunt for the world’s best donut (so far Tim Horton's in Canada is the clear winner), and I play a few instruments – though notably not the trumpet.



Coke Zero
Diet Coke
Jack Daniels
Western Sydney University
Westpac Bank
NRMA Insurance
Meat & Livestock Australia
Mount Franklin
Cancer Council of Australia
Impulse Body Spray
Circle Park
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Harper's Bazaar
Marie Claire Magazine
BT Financial Group
Cadbury Baking
Aussie Home Loans
Better Homes & Gardens
Barbeques Galore
Circle Park
Pump Water
Dick Smith Electronics
Dunstan Baby Language
Freedom Furniture
Greens Foods
Lend Lease
Masterton Homes
National Rugby League
NW Magazine
Opera Australia
Proton Cars
Southern Phone
World Wide Fund for Nature
Allurica Cosmetics


1997 - 2008 VCD / Kindred
2008  The Foundry
2008 - 2011 human
2011 - 2012 Innocean
2012 - &e (freelance)