So They Say

Andy is an indispensable, unstoppable, unflappable super-prolific, super-talented creative. I loved having him in our creative department. Over the course of a decade, Andy not only produced great work, but helped shape the agency’s core DNA. Andy made VCD a much better agency. And he will do the same for you.
— George Betsis, Founder & Creative Director - VCD
Andy is one of the most extraordinary creative people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He combines old school craft with a new school mind and skill set.
— Dan Gregory, Creative Director - Kindred
Andy is a great creative mind. He’s incredibly passionate about ‘ideas’ and his craft. He’s prolific, quick and just ‘gets it’.
— Justine Metcalfe, Creative Director - YOLO
Andy is a wordsmith par excellance. He even knows all the grammatical errors I’ve made in that previous sentence.
— Mike Lind, Senior Art Director - Innocean
Great working relationship with clients and, well, frankly, everyone. He brings good humour and energy to everything he does.
— Adam Lance, Creative Director - Village of Useful